Scarabaeus mulching robot / mowing robot for agriculture


The use of herbicides and pesticides can be reduced in agriculture. If you also want to be more ecological and friendly to your crops, an autonomous robotic mower is the solution. The SCARABAEUS is one such robot that will help you achieve these goals.

This mulching robot is the high-tech version of the self-propelled lawn mower - but it can do much more than the previously known models for these jobs. And SCARABAEUS also performs these additional services in a more nature-friendly way and with less energy than previous offerings.

New Swiss Innovation

the new mulching robot.

Yes, we know: mulching is a job for you that ties up a lot of resources - but has to be done. From now on, SCARABAEUS will do it for you without much effort. The area to be worked is quickly defined, the driving strategy automatically generated by the system. An application based on Windows 10 shows the position of the mulching robot at all times.

SCARABAEUS works quietly - so it can also be used without any problems in the vicinity of residential and recreational areas. This little engineering marvel is also kind to insects: It travels slowly, is predictable, and smaller than the tractor bodies normally used for this work.

Other technical innovations ensure that SCARABAEUS causes no collateral damage. Flat as a beetle - the name borrows from Egyptian mythology - the mulching robot wriggles its way under low-hanging branches.

The clever beetle also has narrow paths, bee houses or small-scale structures in view and under control. This protects the fruit and increases the harvest yield.

On the other hand, the smart helper is strong on slopes and delivers its work precisely here as well. SCARABAEUS mows the area between the tree trunks with its lateral boom. It moves to within a few centimeters of the trunk, eliminating the need for time-consuming and labor-intensive slow travel on a tractor with a boom. The usual use of pesticides to keep the tree strip free of vegetation is also a thing of the past.

The new SCARABAEUS - developed from practice for practice.

Scarabaeus mulching robot / mowing robot for agriculture
Scarabaeus mulching robot / mowing robot for agriculture
Scarabaeus mulching robot / mowing robot for agriculture
Scarabaeus mulching robot / mowing robot for agriculture

SCARABAEUS - Small and lightweight with a good environmental balance

Hightech from Thurgau/Switzerland.

Probotics is the name of the young brand from Thurgau that developed the autonomously driving mulching robot. With its compact form, SCARABAEUS brings only a low weight to the cultivated area, works quietly and efficiently.

The small technological miracle weighs just 130 kg (287 pounds/ lbs), and the caterpillar drive distributes this already low load in a way that is particularly gentle on the soil.

The autonomous mulching robot approaches its tasks with a working width of 1.35 meter (4.3 feet). It is designed to work 8 hectares in 14 days - significantly more if field power is used: rows of trees, open spaces, orchards, for example.
SCARABAEUS draws its power either from the grid or from solar power - the charging station makes both possible. If the decision is made in favor of the photovoltaic variant, the environmental balance is even better.

Robot mower for agriculture

«Little wear - much safety»

With SCARABAEUS, you get a safe and low-wear helper in your operation - which also has a good environmental balance. The batteries are made of lithium iron phosphate: they cannot self-ignite and are more robust against temperature fluctuations.

The cycle of charging and consumption is better than comparable other offerings. In addition, these batteries are largely recyclable. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, no cobalt is used here. They are driven by BLDC motors: they have no brushes and are therefore very low-wearing. All these aspects reduce your costs and show that you feel responsible for the environmental balance of your company.




In your fields

Scarabaeus mulching robot


Fully automated charging thanks to solar

Scarabaeus mulching robot


Ready for use in wind & weather

Scarabaeus mulching robot

What else you should know about the SCARABAEUS.

The mulching robot is designed with skid bearings, wrap-around protection, folding blades, boom and caterpillar drive so that it cuts the grass to the centimeter in hard-to-reach places, especially on difficult terrain.

Orchards are often not level, for example due to ruts from tractors, and not free of branches, holes and roots. Light and flat like a beetle - hence the name in reference to the beetle from Egyptian mythology - SCARABAEUS moves under low-hanging branches, sparing the fruit.

Passages with larger inclines are also possible. The low weight of 130 kg and the caterpillar drive reduce the ground load to the absolute minimum. By means of a lateral boom, SCARABAEUS is able to mow the tree strip even between the tree trunks.

The SCARABAEUS mulching robot comes within a few centimeters of the trunk; this eliminates the need for the slow travel previously required with a tractor with a boom. Particularly valuable: The use of SCARABAEUS largely favors the elimination of pesticides, which are usually used to keep the tree strip free of vegetation.

What is special about SCARABAEUS is that it does not need any pollution-prone camera systems or costly laser scanners. SCARABAEUS uses precise satellite navigation and touch sensors, as well as a compass and gyroscope, to orient itself in the plantation; it thus reliably travels along the rows of trees.

The developers deliberately did not rely solely on satellite-based navigation, as the signals can be heavily "shadowed" by the trees; here, the other sensors and special algorithms from robotics help to ensure that it can still drive accurately. SCARABAEUS learns the position of the tree trunks, obstacles and fences in the plot better with each journey.

Driving accuracy thus increases from mission to mission. If a path calculated by SCARABAEUS is blocked by an obstacle, it independently calculates a detour around the obstacle and sets off on the new path.

SCARABAEUS works with Real Time Kinematics. A geodesy method for measuring or staking out points using satellite-based navigation systems such as Galileo, Glonass, GPS and BeiDou. This makes the system independent and robust.

All data remains in Switzerland. Brüggli Industrie guarantees that it will not be passed on to third parties. There are no contracts with suppliers of plant protection products or seeds.

At Brüggli, people with mental and physical difficulties are involved in all work processes: many young people in training and many employees with pensions.

The new Probotics branch of the company opens up new fields of learning (mechatronics and robotics) and training and employment opportunities. Brüggli Industrie relies heavily on Romanshorn as a production location.

More than 92 percent of the raw materials used come from Europe. Brüggli Industrie is ISO 9001 certified and pursues strict sustainability goals. Brüggli is not beholden to shareholders who are primarily interested in their own well-being. Rather, business success always benefits the social mission in an earmarked manner.

Practical for the user: SCARABAEUS requires little attention; the areas to be worked are quickly defined and a driving strategy is automatically generated by the system. The mulching robot charges itself automatically and displays its position at any time on the "my SCARABAEUS" application.

The SCARABAEUS operates quietly and can therefore be used close to residential and recreational areas. Beneficial insects will appreciate SCARABAEUS; it moves predictably-slowly and purrs away.

With the Leggero brand of bicycle trailers and the 4pets brand of dog transport boxes, Brüggli Industrie has established itself internationally as a specialist in all aspects of gentle mobility and safe transport. In both segments, the trend towards digital-based products plays a major role; influences from mechatronics and robotics are increasingly coming to bear. Last but not least, Brüggli has a large IT department and a media company that plays an active role in digitalization. Thus, Scarabaeus is the logical consequence of a development that Brüggli has been driving for years.

33 years of experience in development, production and sales come to bear in partnerships with small and large companies, as well as with universities, designers and engineers. With the SCARABAEUS robotic mower, Brüggli Industrie is going one step further and pooling its expertise in development, networking and production for the benefit of an innovation that will primarily benefit farmers: The SCARABAEUS robotic mower is easy to use and inexpensive compared to the costly and large industrial devices.

It is Brüggli's contribution to CO2-neutral mulching in plantations and open spaces. Brüggli Industrie developed SCARABAEUS together with the designers and engineers of Tribecraft in Zurich. This has given rise to the new company branch Probotics, which is launching SCARABAEUS, its first novel product.

Cooperation with BBZ Arenenberg

A great deal of experience with SCARABAEUS has already been gained on the trial farm of the Arenenberg Training and Advisory Center in Güttingen. For Christian Eggenberger, Head of Consulting Development Innovation at BBZ Arenenberg, SCARABAEUS is a welcome alternative to conventional equipment. "We are interested in gentle and autonomously functioning products. I see potential in SCARABAEUS for small and large farms; they can focus their labor on other things while the mulching robot relieves them."

Florian Abt from the Swiss Future Farm in Aadorf speaks in particular of the easy handling and autonomous operation: "For many farmers, mulching is a resource-binding job that has to be done. The mulching robot is easy to use and creates free capacity for the farm."

SCARABAEUS is a robot for mulching in the orchard as well as open spaces. With its charging station, which is equipped with solar or mains power, it autonomously works the soil of the fruit crop during the season.

SCARABAEUS manages 8 ha in 14 days in solar mode under optimal conditions. In mains power mode, the output is increased many times over. The working width is 1.35 m. The boom is overlapping in the wake, so that it is possible to mow between the trees.

The special feature is that it does not need a camera or lidar (these were deliberately omitted because of the possibility of contamination). By means of GPS, RTK signals, feelers and other sensors, SCARABAEUS orients itself in the plantation and thus drives precisely in the rows. In plants with nets, it is supported by further sensors and orientation electronics.

The low weight (130 kg) and the caterpillar drive reduce the ground load to the absolute minimum.

The rover learns with every drive and knows more and more the position of every single tree, obstacle and adjacent fence in the plot. Driving accuracy thus increases from mission to mission.

If a path calculated by SCARABAEUS (e.g. within a lane) is blocked by an obstacle, it automatically calculates a detour around the obstacle and sets off on the newly calculated path.

The mower consists of 5 mowing motors at the front and the lateral boom is equipped with 2 mowing motors. The 3 blades in each mower disc are easily rotatable and also replaceable. The additional wrapping guard prevents long grasses from wrapping around the mowing motors.

The front 5 mowing discs are individually mounted on a skid. A 4-joint kinematic system allows them to adapt to the ground. So it is possible to cut the uneven ground (tractor track) almost everywhere to a depth of 5cm.

The mowing discs (right run) throw their cuttings in the direction of the tree strip, where they serve as nutrients for the soil.

With the boom it is possible to mow in the tree strip between the trees. By this technique we have the possibility to reduce the herbicide to a minimum.

The charging station serves on the one hand to feed the energy into the battery, and on the other hand as a transport unit for the SCARABAEUS. It can be easily stored and transported in the charging station when folded.

The main maintenance operations: Cleaning the vehicle by means of water, adjusting the caterpillar voltage, blade check with possible replacement.

Energy storage: Lithium iron phosphate. These batteries are more robust to temperature variations. No self-ignition. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have a better cycle stability than comparable batteries. The materials used are highly recyclable.

BLDC motors. These motors have no brushes and wear is lower.

RTK-GNSS (Real Time Kinematics) is used for the first time in a small robot and all available systems are used (Gallileo, Glonass, GPS, BeiDou).

SCARABAEUS is the answer to low-pesticide tillage in the orchard and in the open field.

Thanks to photovoltaics, it can also operate autonomously on remote plots without a power supply. Thus CO2 neutral.

The ground of an orchard is not level, not free of branches, holes and roots. The drive and mowing technology have been specially developed for this (skid bearings, wrap-around protection, folding blades, boom and caterpillar drive.

All data in Switzerland (cloud). No disclosure to third parties guaranteed. No contracts with any suppliers of pesticides, seeds, etc.

The SCARABAEUS is light and flat. It moves like a beetle under the low-hanging branches and spares the fruit.

√ 130kg light
√ Autonomous, 8 ha in 14 days with solar, off grid according to work input duration.
√ Robust, GPS + RTK Supported, lateral sensors, gyroscope (compass), self-learning (slam map).
√ Makes stop at virtual fence (Geofence).
√ Programmable driving strategy, draw simple outline, set up solar charging station, start. It drives out of the station independently, determines its position,
√ Safety: front/rear bumper, blade with hinge pin, foot guard, protective skirt and mower cover, safety related, design points.

What can it do better than others?

√ Perfect soil cultivation, contour parallel 5cm grass height.
√ Can mow in the tree strip even between the tree trunks. (Boom)
√ Can work open areas
√ Can cultivate orchards.
√ Very quiet, no emissions
√ Can also work steep passages

Saving pesticides is an important issue in today's world.

Through sustainable energy production, we enable Scarabaeus to be CO2 neutral in fruit cultivation. Sarabaeus contributes to reduced pesticide use in fruit and vine cultivation.

CO2 neutral mulching in the plantation becomes possible.

SCARABAEUS works autonomously. It moves to the charging station as soon as it has reached only 20% of its capacity. It is easily programmable and can be moved manually with a joystick when necessary.
The ability to work in places that cannot be worked with a tractor (orchards with low branches, beehives, small structures, narrow paths).

SCARABAEUS mows 8ha in 2 weeks in solar mode. The autonomous mowing of SCARABAEUS gives the orchardist additional free capacity, which he can use for other work.

The low soil compaction in the fruit crops improves the permeability of water and oxygen.

SCARABAEUS maintains the fruit crop sustainably and gently.

√ Low energy input for production

√ Minimal energy input for soil cultivation

√ Savings on pesticides in the tree strip

√ Less soil pollution due to fewer tractor trips in the plantation

√ CO2 neutral with solar operation

√ Quiet in operation

√ No exhaust fumes when maintaining the plantation

√ Reasonable mowing speed → Protection for beneficial insects

√ Soil low in herbicides → Healthier fruit

The SCARABAEUS from probotics®

Design meets innovation!
Flexible, sensitive and innovative: the autonomous SCARABAEUS robotic mower. The ideal helper for agriculture and for the maintenance of large lawns.

The SCARABAEUS is individually adaptable - we will be happy to advise you on the possible applications on site.

Robot mower for agriculture
Robot mower for agriculture
Robot mower for agriculture
Scarabaeus mulching robot / mowing robot for agriculture



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